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Intuitive Science (ongoing)
vukšić&volkova ︎
Group exhibition (2022)
artist and curator 

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Iskra Vukšić is a writer and artist. She is half of artistic partnership vuksic&volkova with Ekaterina Volkova. She works with installations, performance, videogame, photography, text. Based in Amsterdam.

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My favourite beach is the one in Pula — that ancient town by the sea. It is poured in concrete that heats in the sun so that it burns the soles of my feet. Tourists like natural beaches as backdrops for their rented deck chairs + branded parasols and the oil stains of sunscreen oozing from their bodies into the sea. So despite water scooters and the ice cream wrappers they stick between the pebbles, they prefer them over the concrete (of dry socialist memories). Of course nature excites me but if It’s not really nature then I’d rather watch my elders cheating time: (1) old men playing chess in the shade of pines (2) the waitress on her Borosane serving beers too early in the day (3) groups of women gossiping about tourists (waves of laughter). How could time be passing while the sunbreeze licks the salt off my skin (like a fever). My feet dangle down the concrete ledge. I take those few steps down the concrete stairs into that dense sea. She, healer, lifts me. So I can finally stop swimming. Whispers in my ear — I got you